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Single Session Maintenance 

Thai Yoga Therapy Options

These sessions are available between programs and are full body sessions. Area specific requests will be taken into consideration during the session. However we approach the body as a whole and believe true relief comes when we work the entire body as a whole. Exceptions can be made to bypass a program depending on what occurs in your assessment session.


90 Minutes - $140.00

2 Hours - $180.00

3 Hours - $300.00


90 Minutes - $120.00

2 Hours - $160.00

Return to Tranquility Maintenance Program

This program is offered twice a year to those that have been through the 7 Session Protocol or 12 week Honor Yourself Program.  

When we look at what it takes to take care of ourselves a big part of that is accountability. There are many things that come up in life that allow us to not take care of ourselves or give us an excuse to not prioritize ourselves. This program was designed to take those excuses out of the way. What do I mean? A lot of times we say we are going to do something once a month but then unexpected bills come up, schedules get busy and next thing you know it has been months since your last session. 

When you say yes to yourself and show up ready to do the work you will find yourself growing and seeking more for yourself. By saying yes to this program you show yourself how important it is to prioritize yourself.

This program is special because you are creating the container you need. You choose from not only the frequency of how often you are receiving a session but also the duration. Once you pick your program you'll take 10% off the cost of what you would pay if doing single sessions.

Price Breakdowns: 

90 minutes 1x a month = $840 discount total $756

90 minutes 2x a month = $1,680 discount total $1,512


2 Hour 1x a month = $1,080 discount total $972

2 Hour 2x a month = $2,160 discount total $1,944

3 Hour 1x a month =$1,800 discount total $1,620

Only 15 program for the Return to Tranquility Program run at a time.

If you are interested in joining the program please reach out via our contact page. 

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