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Tranquility Rising® Thai Yoga Therapy Training

1st Supine Posture
Side Lying Posture
Prone Posture
Seated Posture
Seated Posture
Assisted Plow

Introducing Tranquility Rising™ Thai Yoga Therapy Training: A Transformative Journey of Healing and Wisdom


Tranquility Rising™ Thai Yoga Therapy Training is a one-of-a-kind lineage that began with the insatiable curiosity of its founder, driven by a profound desire to unlock the body's hidden emotional potential and share the gift of healing with the world. This training is an exquisite tapestry, woven together like a beautiful patchwork quilt, meticulously crafted from the diverse threads of knowledge and experiences that Arielles has gathered over the years.


At the heart of Tranquility Rising™ lies the elemental approach, a unique and powerful philosophy that draws inspiration from the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine. Imbued with the energies of Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, and Metal, this approach forms the foundational core of the training, offering a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of the body, mind, and spirit.


Diving even deeper into the wellspring of healing, this lineage seamlessly blends two different lineages of Thai yoga massage, honoring the sacred traditions while infusing it with contemporary insights. Students not only learn the art of providing a blissful and restorative Thai yoga massage experience but also explore the emotional and energetic dimensions of healing.


Yet, the magic of Tranquility Rising™ doesn't end there. The training delves into the realm of elemental coaching, an integrative approach that arises from Arielles' diverse background, including her experiences in corrections and numerous other transformative trainings. This coaching method empowers students to guide their clients on a journey of emotional balance, self-awareness, and personal growth, making their healing journey profound and life-changing.


The richness of this lineage can be witnessed through its extensive repertoire of techniques and modalities. From womb work to yoga trainings, guasha to cupping, reflexology to homeopathy, students are exposed to a cornucopia of healing practices, ensuring a comprehensive and individualized approach to each client's unique needs.


Tranquility Rising™ Thai Yoga Therapy Training is more than a mere training program; it is an embodiment of dedication, passion, and compassion. Graduates emerge as empowered healers, skillfully equipped with a diverse toolkit and nurtured intuition, ready to embrace their calling as catalysts of positive transformation.


If you seek a training experience that goes beyond the ordinary, one that harmonizes ancient wisdom with modern insights, Tranquility Rising™ Thai Yoga Therapy Training is the transformative journey you have been waiting for – where healing, growth, and profound connection intertwine to elevate the human experience.

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