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Thai Yoga Meridian Therapy Training

1st Supine Posture
Side Lying Posture
Prone Posture
Seated Posture
Seated Posture
Assisted Plow

Thai Yoga Meridian Therapy is more than a massage. We connect into the linage of the ancestors who have passed this healing gift on from generation to generation. We also learn to call in in our angles, spirit guides and personal ancestors to cultivate a sacred space to allow for physical, emotional and spiritual reconnection and transformation. A big part of healing the body is to see beyond the body and part of that is through spirit. 

The meridian lines that we study are physically there with blockages we can feel. With being able to detect the physical blocks of the body we can bring awareness to the client through questions that connect with the 5 elements and 5 lower chakras.  When we find balance through the elements we start to move through life through different eyes . 

Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 12.58.51 PM.png

Level 1: Introduction into Thai Yoga Meridian Therapy 

  • Create a sacred space to call in the linage, spirit guides and connect to your personal ancestors

  • Learn the lay of the 12 major meridians lines of the body

  • Explore the 5 different body positions, Supine, Side lying, Prone, Digestion, Seated

  • At the end of training you'll be prepared to give a 90 minute full body Thai Yoga session

  • This is a hybrid training about a 1/4 of the training will be online and the rest in person. See training dates below for schedule. 

Dates for Training:​ 

-2023 dates currently being worked on. 

-create a free member profile to be kept up to date 

Early Bird: $2,500

Cost: $2,800

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