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New Client Assessment


On your first visit we will do a Dosha Assessment, review any physical or emotional problems you would like help alleviating, and do a general medical check.  This session will consist of a full body Thai Yoga Therapy session to assess the body and allow you to see what Thai Yoga is about. 

At the end of the session we will review the energy meridians that were blocked. Each meridian is associated with certain questions that can reflect back to our daily lives. We will  assess what your goals are and what your next steps to healing the entire body looks like specifically for you. 


7 Session Program

Pay In Full Discount and Payment Plans Available 

The 7 Session Program is strictly SomeVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy. We do not go into your personal life about what is affecting your body; we just work to make it feel like it should. We will open the energy meridians of the body to give you the full body state of well being. You will feel a difference in your body not only physically but also energetically.

There are 5 different positions of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga and during this program each day will consist of diving deeper into those 5 positions in a way we could never do in a 90 Minute full body session. This program is one day a week minimum until sessions are completed. If you want it can be completed all in one week and you'll really feel the complete head to toe difference.  



Day One: Full Body 90 Minute Assessment

Day Two - Six: Positions 1-5 Individually 

(depending on the day sessions last 60-90 Minutes)

Day Seven: Full Body Reassessment 2 Hours


 Honor Yourself Program

Pay In Full Discount and Payment Plans Available 

24 weeks of custom one on one development of your own self care. This program is designed to bring alignment to our physical bodies, awareness into our thoughts and actions, and rejuvenation of our spirit. 



One Custom Journal that I have created to help guide you through the next twelve weeks.

One 12x18 poster of the 5 Element Star Chart

8 - 2hour Thai Yoga Sessions: Bring alignment into your physical body as well as provide me with a pathway to create your personal yoga practice to open your blocked meridian lines. Each session consists of 90 minutes of bodywork and 30 minutes of elemental coaching. 

3 Deep Dive Sessions: These sessions can be elemental coaching, private yoga, Ayurveda session, or participation in upcoming cleanses.


 Receive a custom made practice made to meet you at not only your level of experience with yoga but also to open your specific meridians. Yoga is not about crazy positions and contorting our bodies to the extreme. Yoga is about breath and sensation so if all we do is breathe you're doing yoga. 

*Payment Plans Available For Programs

Single Session Maintenance 

Thai Yoga Therapy Options

These sessions are available between programs and are full body sessions. Area specific requests will be taken into consideration during the session. However we approach the body as a whole and believe true relief comes when we work the entire body as a whole. Exceptions can be made to bypass a program depending on what occurs in your assessment session.


90 Minutes - $140.00

2 Hours - $180.00

3 Hours - $300.00


90 Minutes - $130.00

2 Hours - $160.00


Thai Yoga Therapy Testimonials

I had a Thai yoga session with Arielle with a focus on womb healing. I wanted to work with Arielle because I had my IUD removed after 7 years back in November 2022. And, as it can normally happen with having an IUD, I also haven’t had my period within those 7 years. I knew I needed to heal my womb space after having my IUD removed but I honestly didn’t know where to start. I feel like God, the universe, whatever you believe in placed Arielle in my life with such divine timing. I met her mid December and we agreed to have a session in the new year on 1/2/23 (yesterday). Before working with Arielle I honestly did not know what to expect but I was open and ready to receive what I needed. She started out the session asking me questions about diet, lifestyle, what causes most of my stress, and so much more. We then started the Thai yoga therapy session which was 2 hours long. And, it wasn’t until towards the end that she started working on my womb. During the womb work Arielle was able to determine my womb was leaning towards the left and she told me where to place my hands and I got to feel it as well. She was then able to place my womb back to place where it’s supposed to be. And, she then led me into a gratitude practice that was so so beautiful and eventually into savasana. After the session, we went over everything that Arielle found in my body that was of major significance. And, she gave me advice on how to start making shifts in those areas. The next day (today) I woke up bleeding. My womb was able to start my period. And, I just have no words 🤯 This work is so beautiful & sacred And, I am just speechless. I an so grateful for Arielle and I am so excited to continue working with her to continue seeing shifts in all aspects of my life. She is soo knowledgeable, kind, understanding, and incredibly intuitive. She is able to hold such a safe & beautiful space for your healing. If you want your life to change do this work ❤️

-Maria M.

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