WHAT IS Tranquility Rising® THAI YOGA THERAPY?


Notable Benefits

  • Relaxation​

  • Reduction of Pain​

  • Stimulation and healthy circulation of bodily fluids

  • Increased flexibility

  • Lengthening of the spine

  • Detoxification of soft tissue

  • Lymphatic drainage

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Increased energy movement

  • ​Increased range of motion

  • Decompression of the skeleton and joint space

  • Reduction of swelling/edema​

  • Management of stress and other negative emotions

Tranquility Rising® Thai Yoga was created through combining several different lineages of trainings to create a system that made Thai Yoga bodywork more than just bodywork but a complete healing system as we bring the emotional awareness into the process. It can be the driving force that gets you through those brick walls you might be running into on your health journey. Tranquility Rising® Thai Yoga creates a key component to mapping out your holistic health journey and reconnecting back into your body. 

Thai Yoga in itself incorporates elements of mindfulness, gentle rocking, deep stretching, and rhythmic compression to create a singular healing experience. It balances the energy within ourselves, when  Arielle Schmidt first learned Thai Yoga the one thing that made it click was the emotional connection. By  taking it one step farther and incorporating the meridian coaching it helps align the emotional body and give you the tools to shift emotionally, physically, and your lifestyle. When we are aware of the emotional blocks in our system we can shift the physical blocks that keep coming up. 

When you come in for a session please wear comfortable clothing that you are able to easily move in. If you are a female client please do not wear an underwire bra as it could become uncomfortable or even painful when moving through positions.

Please remove all jewelry prior to a session.

My 2-hour Thai Yoga Therapy session was a wonderful experience. I would (and will) recommend Arielle to anybody. She is a compassionate and intuitive practitioner. Her studio is clean, cozy, and serene. The massage itself was relaxing and it loosened me up. My favorite part of the session was what transpired afterwards. Arielle sat down with me and talked with me about the meridian lines of the body and the meridian blocks that she found during my session. This was fascinating and eye-opening. She didn't rush through it; she was totally present. I was amazed at how she intuitively was able to pick up on some blockages, and when we discussed factors that could be contributing to the blockages, it was right on point and incredibly insightful. This has been a memorable experience for me, and I will definitely be back again!

~ Cara Yurkowski