Women's Health Program

This program is designed specifically to help nourish your body in a way that will keep your energy flowing specifically through your water meridians. The water meridians are connected to our sacral chakra which correlates with our reproductive organs. By creating a program that focuses on achieving this flow it can help with fertility, hot flashes, and other side effects of having our hormones bouncing from high and low. 

This program is geared more towards the reproductive health of fertility as we schedule your appointments around your ovulation dates. For those looking for relief from menopause and post menopause this program will work well but we will tweak your sessions based on your symptoms. 

What does the program schedule look like and include: 

  • 3 separate 90 min  Thai Yoga Sessions ( roughly once a week depending on your cycle)

    • 90 minutes Not feeling enough some days? You'll be able to add additional time depending on your needs at an additional cost. 

  • Herbal Balancing Tea to help support your endocrine system crafted by a local herbalist

  • 1 Elemental Coaching session for each cycle to check in to make sure the mind and body are connected and ready to take on the change that is coming. 

Ideally we want to be creating support for the body 3-4 months prior to conception to increase the chi of the body and quality of the egg, which gives us the best chance to pass on strong kidney chi to our child. Without strong chi from the mother children can end up with a weak immune system leading to other challenges in life. 

Once conception has been achieved this program can be utilized through the pregnancy but with a change in the herbal tea that will be customized to you and your pregnancy. We will also focus on the whole body to prepare it for the changes that will be happening over the next year. 

Cost: $380 

For those working on fertility you'll need to book your first session with the following schedule in mind. For general women's health you'll book all Thai sessions within a 4 week duration. 

  • During the follicular phase - day 5, 6, 7 or 8 of your menstrual cycle (day 1 being the first day of heavy flow) 

  • The day before, day of or day after ovulation

  • During implantation time (6 - 10 days after ovulation).