Tranquility Awaits Yoga Retreat 

Scheduled for the end of January 2021 because we all need a reason to skip town when Cincinnati is cold and grey. We will be in Ubud, Bali for 10 days which is the perfect amount of time if your going to travel half way around the world you want to be able to enjoy being there. 

10 Days of Tranquility
3 Balinese 1 Hour Massages
Airport Transportation to and from the airport 
Welcome and Farwell Dinner 
Daily Yoga and Meditation Practice
Several different actives such as a trip to a beautiful waterfall, water temple, green school tour, beach, traditional balinese dance show and so much more. 

Not Included:
Lunch and Dinners
Because there are so many places to eat this way you won't be tied down to eating with the group, you'll also be able to eat when you are hungry and not wait for a scheduled time. You can get a meal in Bali as cheap as $3 a meal. when I was there I averaged about $9 a meal because I just like to eat.


Early Bird Price Available Until May 30th, 2020
Single Occupancy: $2,100
Double Occupancy: $1,500

After May 30th, 2020

Single Occupancy $2,500

Double Occupancy $1,800

To get started all you need is a $250.00 Deposit!

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