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Thai Yoga Immersion

Deep dive with me for a week long spiritual awakening where we connect the mind and body back into harmony. 

Thai Massage was always considered to be a spiritual practice. The giving of massage was understood to be a physical application of Metta (loving kindness). As a devoted practitioner of this traditional healing technique, I always start with Puja, a meditative prayer, to fully center myself on the work, on the journey I am about to facilitate with the client. There is a world of difference between a massage performed in a meditative mood and a massage performed just as a job. Only a practitioner working in a meditative mood can develop an intuition of the energy flow in the body and for meridian lines. 

This immersion is only offered during retreats as I want to remove you completely from the stress and routine of your daily life. Remove those external boundaries and restrictions so you can fully breathe into your potential. We will incorporate elemental balancing techniques to give you lasting growth.

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What you will receive:

When you join me for this immersion you will receive a 2 hour Thai Yoga Session with me for 5 consecutive days. We will traverse the body from all angles and postures to reignite the prana in the body.  You'll also receive 2 elemental coaching sessions with me, allowing you to open yourself to healing, awareness, and transformation. 

By joining me and making a commitment to yourself to remove stagnation, fear, anxiety, and pain you are really jump starting this next stage in your personal journey. I am here to hold space for you to grow, be vulnerable and access those hidden spaces that need a little extra love and kindness to pull forward from the dark. 

Price: $1,000


  • 5 - 2 hour Thai Yoga Massage Session

  • 2 - Elemental Coaching Sessions

Thai Yoga Immersion Opportunities:

Add to Retreat:

  • July 28th-August 4th

  • July 28th- August 10th

    • Stay an extra week when you pick this option.​​​

Add to Yoga Immersion & Soul Study

  • August 4th-10th

  • August 11th - 17th

  • August 18th - 22nd

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