Let's Talk Skin Care

There are many reasons that Mary Kay is part of Tranquility Rising below is my top reasons for being a skin care consultant with the company. 

  • 98% of Funds Raised for Cancer goes straight to the research to cure female specific cancers.

  • Empowers women to be an entrepreneur and creates a community to uplift one another. 

  • Domestic Violence Shelters in every state 

  • ​European Standard of Excellence

  • Zero Waste Manufacturing 

  • Biodegradable Packaging Material

  • 100% Renewable Energy in both Manufacturing and headquarter administration buildings. 

Do you have a skin care routine? Or, do you just prefer to fall asleep each night and not worry too much about what is on your skin? You may not think too much about your skin care routine, but the truth is you should. Your skin is one of the largest organs your body has, and it works hard every day to protect our bodies from harmful elements. Taking care of your skin and developing a skin care routine is important, because it can help this organ do its job better and longer. If you have ever worn glasses or sunglasses after the day there might be a film that has built up on the lenses and needs to be cleaned off. Imagine the same thing is on the skin so if you don't have a skin care routine its time to start now. 

Let me Introduce you to Mary Kay

Mary Kay isn't the same company it was 5 years ago. So if you have tried any of their products maybe when you were younger or your mom or grandmother used their products it is time to try them again. Mary Kay holds the European Standard of Excellence meaning over 1,300 ingredients are banned in their product line. Some of those banned ingredients are still approved by the FDA and in many skin care lines that are sold in the US (what's in your products?). Mary Kay screens every single ingredient so if they can't verify it they don't use use. They also test products extensively for sensitive skin and have many natural ingredients in their products. 

    My Favorite Products

    Join My Team

    I have some amazing women on my team already and I love being able to watch them prosper and uplift others. If you are wanting more in your life or maybe you need a change let's connect. Maybe you're looking to change your life financially or you're just looking for a place to grow spiritually or maybe both. This might be just what you're looking for. 

    When we uplift and empower each other we are unstoppable. 

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