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A hands-on healing session working with your subtle energy bodies & chakras, color frequencies, and channeled wisdom from your Spirit Guides to focus on alignment, health and vibrancy. A relaxing journey where you will be guided by Spirit and held in a sacred container of love and truth. You’ll walk away feeling more clarity, freedom, love and expansion. 

Katie is an Intuitive Channel, Energy Healer, Akashic Record Reader & Teacher and Conscious Business Coach. She loves activating alignment in others and assisting them in living in accordance with their soul’s purpose and Highest Potential. She channels Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Ancestors and from the Akashic Records. Her intuitive gifts have been activated through training in Reiki, Healing Touch, Soul Journeys© Akashic Record Consultant & Teacher. Katie weaves all of these modalities to create sacred containers of healing, wealth, expansion, freedom, joy and alignment.