Elemental Yoga Classes

Elemental Yoga is a process of understanding where the 12 major meridians of the body run and how to access them in a yoga posture. By accessing the meridian lines we move out of "fitness yoga" and into the real reason we do an asana posture. We are no longer just making shapes with our bodies but we have true awareness and intention with our movements. 

I create customized classes designed to help you become aligned through movement that will have a full body effect. By opening these meridian lines we can improve the emotional body as well as the physical. 

Two ways to work with me:

Unsure what exactly your looking for or if I'm a good fit for you? Schedule a discovery session at no cost to you. We will discuss what your looking for, what I would recommend and if I'm the right person for you.

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Private Yoga Packages are available

You can also spit your private session with your partner or best friend and split the cost.

4 Private Classes $300

8 Private Classes $560

12 Private Classes $780

Elemental Yoga Discovery Session