Private Fitness Classes


Yoga covers a broad range of positions that flow together seamlessly like a synchronized danced with your breath. The best part of yoga is it really is for everyone all movements are based on your body. It isn’t about looking perfect but feeling your own practice.   As you transition from position to position your body gently releases tension and stress allowing for deeper movements not only physically but mentally.  At the end you will feel completely at ease drifting off to the rise and fall of your breath.  Customize your practice with power yoga, slow flow, yin or a combination to bring yourself back into balance.

60 Minute Session: $55.00

90 Minute Session: $70.00

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates emphasis development of strength, flexibility and balance all in a low impact structured class. You will learn key principals such as breathing, core stability and postural alignment to improve your workout. This class allows for all fitness levels because all movements can be adjusted to your own personal ability. 

60 Minute Session: $55.00

Split the Cost and Bring a Friend

Private Fitness Sessions can be in person at the studio


online via Zoom Link