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Learn at your own pace with this six video lecture series all about the five elements. 

Each video will cover a different element that breaks down the 12 major meridians, 5 lower chakras and asana postures that will help you to balance your energy. You'll also gain insight on your emotional imbalances and how they might be influencing your physical pain or discomfort. In the last video you'll see how it all comes together through the control and support cycles of the elements. 

Each video is roughly an hour long as we navigate through traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic principles. 

This is a great introductory class to help grow your awareness and start to implement small changes in your every day life. 

You can also purchase the 5 Element Poster that I created to help support your journey. It is not needed for the class as you'll see it in the videos several times but if you're like me I enjoy a physical copy. 

Click the link below to register for the class and also buy the poster. 

Once registered you'll receive an e-mail link within 24 hours to access all six videos. 

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