Meet Kimberly 

Kimberly Swabb Patterson, known as Nana Sunshine, was born 01 October 1968 in Ohio, and who is best known for her deep connection with Mother Earth. At the age of 35, a profound inner transformation radically changed the course of her life. The next few years were devoted to understanding, integrating and deepening that transformation, which marked the beginning of an intense inward journey. Within a short period, she experienced a radical shift in consciousness so profound that outwardly, she seemed, to many who knew her, to be an entirely different person. As her spiritual consciousness awakened, a deep inner transformation began which unfolded in the form of many miraculous experiences and mystical insights. She felt a strong wind of change blowing through her life which brought with it a deep urge to surrender completely to divine will. A great peace entered her being and has remained ever since.


Through prayer, into the direct experience of the Divine within Kimberly began to work with individuals and small groups as a master of ceremony and spiritual teacher. Leading in what she calls Sacred Satsang. Satsang is a Sanskrit word that means "gathering together for the truth" or, more simply, "being with the truth." Sacred Satsang opens your Heart and quiets your mind. We are all equally endowed with this capacity to experience our own inner Truth and Peace.


Over the years Kimberly’s journey took her to some amazing places. Her adventure started in 2007 where Kimberly completed the Third-Degree Master Teacher of the Usui Healing System. Reiki is a spiritual healing art with its roots in Japanese origin. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”. ... Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things.


April of 2010,Kimberly found herself on the Island of Kauai with Doreen Virtue where she completed the Angel Therapy Mediumship program. In a mediumship reading, Raven connects on an extra sensory level with loved ones who have crossed over to the spirit world. It is very comforting to receive such information from loved ones and to know that they are still with you in the spirit world. 


October 10, 2010 Kimberly found herself in Sedona where she met Joseph Whitewolf, Mark Amaru Pinkham and James Uqualla, her experience left her deeply connected with her Cherokee roots and a burning desire to study Shamanism.  Upon her return she immediately started her four-year Celtic Shamanic apprenticeship with Donna Smith and the late Wayne Derryberry of Windsong Healing Arts. Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and moreover, Kimberly’s way of life. Living her life everyday in Ceremony where she celebrates the life force of “all” around her in Oneness. Kimberly’s connection to Mother Earth is so undeniable that some say you can hear the Mother’s heartbeat through her drum.

It is a way to connect with nature and all of creation. The word shamanism can be used to describe the ancient spiritual practices of indigenous cultures, the universal spiritual wisdom inherent to all indigenous tribes. As all ancient spiritual practices are rooted in nature, shamanism is the method by which we as human beings can strengthen that natural connection. 


2011 initiate of the Munay-Ki Rites

The Rites of the Munay-Ki transform and upgrade your luminous energy field. They are energetic transmissions that heal the wounds of the past-the karmic & genetic programs and beliefs you inherited.  They re-inform your DNA, enabling you to grow a new body that ages, heals, and dies differently.

“The Munay-Ki (The Power of Love) is your invitation to dream an entire new world into being.” – (Alberto Villoldo, founder)


March of 2012 Raven studied under the late James (Jim) Herman, founder and president of the Peace & Light Mystery School where she was taught the secrets of the medical intuitive. 


2016 Kimberly was drawn to Stephanie Van Hoose, founder of Academy of Intuitive Arts where she completed all requirements for certification in: spiritual mediumship, channeling, land and house clearing. 


Owner of Sacred Beginnings LLC est. 2010.

A company that offers Alternative Health options,  Spiritual Retreats and Sacred Gatherings that feed the soul and ignite the heart. Specializing in Shamanic/Reiki Energy Medicine that introduces a new, higher and cleaner frequency into the energy field of her clients by purifying and clearing away old imprints, heaviness and imbalances from both the energetic and physical bodies. Helping to heal on a soul level through Spirit led sessions of ancient healing arts while also empowering her clients with the tools needed to live the life they desire with passion and fire. Kimberly is your Guiding Light through the chaos of #OurSacredEarthWalk and resource for transformation. 


Living her life everyday in ceremony where she celebrates the life force of "all" around her in Oneness. Kimberly's connection with Mother Earth is so undeniable that some say you can hear the Mother's heartbeat through her drum. Grab the opportunity to share sacred space with Kimberly as she shares her heart with yours and her passion for life.


Certifications: Celtic Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Munay-Ki, Spiritual Medium, Psychic, Ordained Minister with Healing angels of Columbus Est1959, Deeksha/Oneness Blessing Facilitator, Phenomenon and the Gift Sacred Heart Blessing, Shiv Yog, Gypsy Caravan Tribal Belly Dance Teacher, Tribal Grooves Instructor.