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September 10th, 2021

Aloha Yoga Center

Elemental Yin Yoga is a practice that focuses on the 12 meridian lines of the body and how we can access them through asana postures. Each posture we move into is held anywhere between 3-10minutes and there is intention for why we are doing each postures besides the physical outcome. Each posture allows us to access these energy meridians releasing physical tension but also emotional tension or trauma to allow us to reach better awareness with ourselves. Now add a layer of Thai Yoga Therapy (also known as Thai Yoga Massage) to this practice and you’ll be ready to deep dive into this body awareness on all levels.

During this 2 hour class we will move through 6-10 different yin postures where you will receive hands on acupressure and adjustments. In each yin posture I will be talking about the meridian lines connected to each posture as well as the different types of awareness questions that you can ask yourself. Between postures we will move through a slow flow to get ready for our next posture and allow for pause if you would like to write down anything that came during that posture.

At the end we will do an extended shavasana to give ample time for the body to become still, stillness that will travel with us as we move through the rest of our day and week.