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Join me Friday, October 9th from 7:00pm-9:30pm
Cost $110.00

Teaching on the 5 elements is one of my passions and what Tranquility Rising is known for. This class is an introductory class where we will scratch the surface of each element, where the 12 meridians run on the body and end with a 45 minute elemental acupressure yoga class. By adding this elemental acupressure yoga class you'll be able to feel the meridians and understand how to access them when this class is over. The goal is to give you insight on how you can balance yourself through the five elements. 

You'll receive your own 5 Element Poster shipped to you prior to class as long as you're signed up a week in advanced. If not signed up you'll still receive your poster it is just not guaranteed to arrive before the class. Normally this poster costs $35 if you were to pick it up in the studio. 

Mark your calendar and sign up below. In the upcoming months we will dive deeper into a 5 Element Series that will break each element into its own 2 hour session and this will be a great place to start so you're not overwhelmed with all the information that comes from that series. It will also show you if this is something you want to explore deeper. 

If you are unable to attend live you'll be sent a link that can be accessed up to 7 days after the class. But if you can join us live you'll be able to ask questions and gain a better understanding if something is confusing. 


Elemental Flow

Come flow through the five elements. Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space to find your center and balance. This 60 minute slow flow class will incorporate postures that will open up the 12 meridians that are found throughout the five elements. No matter what might be causing you imbalance we will be able to bring you a little closer back to your true balance. 

Hosted by Smart Solutions Fitness 
1188 Pyramid Hill Blvd Hamilton, OH 45013

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