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Elemental Journey into the Akashic Recor

Join Katie Garber and Arielle Schmidt into a spiritual journey of connecting the five great elements and how they can assist your journey into the Akashic Records.

You will learn about the five great elements and how they connect with the five lower chakras. We will use these tools when Katie opens the records that allow us to go into a deeper consciousness. At the end of this workshop you'll feel lighter, more grounded, free, and with a better vision of what your next steps look like.

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Bear Rattle Workshop

In this workshop you will be working with real bear animal hide. It is our understanding that these hides were harvested with the upmost respect and honor. Prior to working with your hides you will pay respect to the animal; honor the animal; and journey to the Spirit of your animal where you will receive animal medicine for you to integrate into your daily lives if you so choose. You will be repeating this process to connect with your wooden handles by paying respect to the tree; honoring the tree; and journeying to the Spirit of the Trees. Material will be provided for decorating your rattle but *You are encouraged to bring personal items for decorating your rattles; if you have a special branch or antler you would like to use or personal totems, lace, feathers, old necklace/mala bring them. 

Think about what you could add inside your rattle to make the sound. Recently we used an old bracelet that had broken made of lava stone and the sound is amazing. These rattles will carry much medicine. So, think about the materials you want to incorporate and the more personal you can make it the better.

What to bring:
Lunch for Saturday

Any additional decorative pieces to add to your rattle

July 10th 10:00am-3pm
July 11th 12:00pm -3pm

Arielle Schmidt, Tranquility Rising
Kimberly Swabb Patterson, Sacred Beginnings

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